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    All about us:

    The Crawford Group is a multimedia firm that generates ideas and media campaigns around the world. Our approach is quite simple: We want to make our clients successful. We measure our success by our ability to deliver original media that produces results. Any company can paint their office orange and scream really loud “we are cool creative people!” then deliver an updated version of a tired approach. For us, tackling every project with an upside down approach to communicating is at the core of who we are. It just so happens that we are also cool creative people.

    our immediate family


    Chad Crawford
    Owner and Creative Director
    A native of Florida, Chad has oranges in his blood. He grew up in the Orlando area where he attended school and eventually made his way to the U.S. Navy. After that, Chad received a degree in video and film from Full Sail University.

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    Kristy Crawford
    Chad’s better half and Vice President
    Kristy, like Chad, is a native Floridian. She was born in Melbourne, raised in Tallahassee, and eventually moved to the Central Florida area. Kristy acquired her B.S. in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida in 1998.

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    Amanda Kossina

    Amanda comes from a diverse upbringing. Born and raised in Central Florida, Amanda grew up embracing many hobbies such as photography, theatre, dance, and shopping at Express. Her husband says it is a problem. We would agree.

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    Len DePanicis

    Director of Development for Television
    Len, or Lenny, as we call him, is a New Yorker, born in Mt. Vernon, NY, sometime in the last century. Lenny could never decide if he wanted to be an astronaut or a P.E. teacher. Somehow, he decided on film making and broadcasting…

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    Ricardo Cortez

    Ricardo A. Cortez Ortiz is a Director, Editor, Sound Designer and Post Production Supervisor from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mass Media Communications, with a sub concentration in Integrated Media from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon. When he’s not busy editing, he’s collecting super hero figurines and practicing his Batman voice. 

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    Brian Stork

    Brian Stork is an Emmy-winning video editor offering twenty-two years of experience in the television industry.  The mix of his St. Louis mid-western style with us southerners here at TCG keeps things interesting.

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    Alyson Kovacs

    Office Manager
    Alyson was born and raised in Sanford Florida, which used to be the celery capitol of the United States. Alyson enjoyed celery all through high school before attending the University of Mobile, Alabama on a volleyball scholarship.

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    our extended family

    Clyde Brothers
    The Clyde Brothers grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Rob is the oldest and Ben the middle child of the five Clyde kids. They began making films the day their parents brought home a hot, new, state-of-the-art VHS camcorder; but there invaluable collection of funny sketch videos is now locked away somewhere in their mom’s basement.

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    clydeRic Serena
    An award-winning editor, Ric Serena has garnered considerable praise for his work in narrative, commercial and promotions genres for film and television.

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