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    We do it for inspiration… for experimentation… for a cheap laugh… but mostly we do it because we can. It’s never a dull moment around here. We’re big fans of spontaneous creativity and we love laughing at ourselves. So sit back and enjoy the great sea of humiliation and humor we have amassed.


    Meet the Group (Show Intro)
    Description: This piece introduces all the main characters in “The Group” webisodes.
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    The Group (Episode One)
    Description: Ben is introduced to the staff. Chad tries “Motivation Trough Humiliation” on The Group with mixed results. Erik achieves greatness.
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    The Group (Episode Two)
    Description: The Group takes on a pharmaceutical commercial for a secret new drug. An early crew call makes the crew cranky.
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    The Group (Episode Three)
    Description: The Group shoots a pharmaceutical commercial for a new miracle drug…and things really heat up. There’s Bacon on the set, and Susan steps up to take a new role.
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    How to Wrap
    Description: Wrapping is very important at Christmas, so take some advice from KRISIS, a professional rapper.
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    Cigar School (Part One)
    Description: We produced a series of short how-to videos teaching viewers everything they ever wanted to know about smoking a cigar.
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    Cigar School (Part Two)
    Description: Another segment from that smokey series.
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    Cigar School (Outtakes)
    Description: You wanted more so here it is.
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    The More You Know
    Description: Here is some good advice to remember during the holiday season. .
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    We Are Thankful
    Description: We wanted to let everyone know just how thankful we are.
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    Bunny Comes Home
    We rented a bunny suit for Easter and put the intern in it. Due to complaints, we have eliminated this hazing from our intern program.
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    The Tour
    Description: Tour of our original office. Hosted by Chris, the child actor.
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    Pixel Lock
    Pixel Lock: A Crawford Demo
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