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    services we offer:

    creative services
    creative services
    • Script Writing
    • Production Design
    • Campaign Development
    • Idea Generation
    • Pilot Development

    Not having good creative resources for a video project is like having to use a piece of sliced bread as a hot dog bun. The whole time you’re eating, you’re thinking it’s just not as good as it could be. Good video starts with good creative; it’s just that simple. Bad creative equals badder video. All the high tech cameras and super duper computers can’t save it. So we strive to get it right up front, which makes everything so much smoother and effective at the end.

    So yeah… creative services is truly one of those nebulous categories that only a select few production companies can charge for. Traditional production companies are staffed with left-brainers who live for the latest camera unveiling. We strive to have a balanced staff of geeks and blue-sky wackadoos ready to unleash their talents on your behalf.

    “After working with The Crawford Group for over three years, I can say they are extemly creative. They understand production and they’re fun to work with. That’s why we keep coming back project after project.”
    Bob Lutz/Senior Vice President
    Remington College
    “WOW!!! You guys did a bang up job on the commercial. I was expecting good, not great. This is a thousand times better then the commercial we currently have. Many, many thanks for making us look so good.
    Deborah Boyd/Director
    New Smyrna Beach Visitor Bureau

    corporate video development
    • Turnkey Solution
    • Broadcast Commercials
    • Infomercials
    • Corporate Promotions
    • Web Videos
    • Training Videos
    • Live Events
    • Multimedia Sales Presentations

    When used properly, video can be a powerful force. For over 15 years, The Crawford Group has been helping corporations communicate who they are, what they do and why someone should use their services. We are communicators who have been trained in the fine art of using moving images, words and music to speak to audiences. So whether it’s emotional, technical, satirical, financial or medical, we can develop a plan of attack for your company.

    We can help you communicate in a professional and unforgettable way that will position you positively in the minds of your customers and employees. Having had the privilege of producing hundreds of hours of media for Corporate America, it would be our honor to help you with your next project.

    “We contracted The Crawford Group to supply us with several high quality informational videos for one of our products and could not be happier with the results. The response from the videos has been great, to say the least. The level of service and creativity from The Crawford Group and its staff is unparalleled. We highly recommend their services and hope that anyone looking for high quality, creative material will use The Crawford Group for their next project. You won’t be disappointed!”
    Richie Stanley/VP of Marketing
    Water Filter USA

    development for television
    • TV Series Development
    • Pilot Development and Production
    • Broadcast Campaigns
    • Casting Sessions
    • Syndication Consulting
    • Business Modeling
    • Legal Consulting
    • Contract Drafting

    Got a great idea for a TV series or special, but need help developing and marketing it to the masses? We’ve successfully developed and syndicated hundreds of hours of original broadcast content and offer turn key development services for you or your brand. After taking our own series idea and then successfully starting our own syndicated TV program, we feel we have a lot to offer in helping you with yours. In 2010 The Crawford Group created Crawford Entertainment as a stand alone entertainment division that solely focuses on original branded entertainment and TV series. We can help you from start to finish. Pilot development, production, legal consulting and the very important business model. To learn more visit Crawford Entertainment.

    “I’ve been creating nationally syndicated programs for decades and absolutely love the process.

    -Len DePanicis, Director of Development for Television

    “On The Crawford Group’s first year producing our nationally syndicated Orlando Citrus Parade, they did a great job revamping the look and
    feel of broadcast that viewers raved about. They paid attention to every detail, worked diligently on the graphics and took huge pride in producing the highest quality show.”

    Shaun Rooney/ Parade Director
    Florida Citrus Sports

    social media content development
    Social Media Development
    • Webisodes
    • How-To’s
    • Engage your audience
    • Stand out from other forms of advertising
    • Improve Brand Recognition
    • Sticky, in a good way

    Social Media is no good unless you have something to socialize about.
    One of the most pleasing and memorable experiences is laughter, and it can have a lasting impact on that audiences perception of your brand. Itʼs a great sticky bomb of goodness when used properly. It makes people feel good, and a good emotional response will give people a good feeling about your brand.
 Humor and laughter have a way of bonding us as a society. Itʼs a great equalizer and a great conversation starter. Whatʼs better to socialize about then a humorous moment or funny story? When used properly, humor can be a powerful tool in communicating your brand message to potential customers.

    We know funny. We love funny. Itʼs our thing. See for yourself.

    “The Crawford Group are fantastic to work with. They provide creativity, strategic direction and never miss a deadline. They are fun to work with and also always produce a top quality product.”
    Patrick de la Roza/Executive Director Interactive Marketing
    Florida Hospital

    • location and crewing
    • Full HD camera packages (RED ONE, VariCam, CineAlta)
    • Multi-camera truck production
    • Crewing for EFP and ENG Shoots
    • Production Management
    • Studio & Location Production

    We love the smell of craft services in the morning. Let us attack your next production with our mad skills. Our production staff stands ready at attention to produce anywhere, anytime. We can provide everything from an award-winning crew, set design, location scouting, specialty equipment, casting, EFP and ENG to full management of your production.

    “I love the collaboration that happens on set; it’s truly a unique force. You bring people from all walks of life together for a production and everyone jumps in a does their part. It’s pretty amazing to be a part of it.

    -Chad Crawford, Director of Photography and Creative Director.


    Click to Watch Chad’s DP Demo Reel
    “The Crawford Group has always been more than a vendor to EVOK – they are truly our partner. They’re our “go to” for projects, from small-budget non-profits where they have donated time and resources, to collaboration on full-scale strategic visual communication campaigns for both regional and national clients. The level of service and quality provided by Chad and his team are unsurpassed. When I know that The Crawford Group is working with us on a commercial, webisode or any other visual corporate communications, I rest easier… and so do our clients.”
    Larry Meador/Managing Partner
    EVOK Advertising

    post production
    • 5 Final Cut Pro Suites
    • 8 Terabyte Shared Storage Server for All Stations
    • In-house 2-D and 3-D artist
    • Production Management
    • Production Design
    • DGFast Certified Upload Facility

    Our staff of editors and full time motion graphic designers are ready to produce at the highest levels for your next project. We work with the latest software and equipment available.

    It’s about capacity when it comes to post, and how much can your facility handle. Well, we can handle a lot, from infomercials, weekly TV series, one-hour national specials and documentaries. You name it, we can run it through our post process.

    “It a great time to be in the HD video industry. Manufacturers and artists are continually breaking all the rules and that’s exciting. Although keeping on top of it all makes my head twitch sometimes.”

    -Erik Wieder, Post Production Supervisor


    “It a great time to be in the HD video industry, Manufactures and artist and continually breaking all the rules and that’s exciting. Although keeping on top of it all makes my head twitch sometimes.”
    Erik Weider-Post Production Supervisor
    “My production agency is located in Los Angeles, but when I need any out of town production support, post production or great creative ideas, I call The Crawford Group. I call them for my LA jobs too! The Crawford Group consistently raises the production value for my clients…and that makes me look good.”
    Rob Clyde/President
    One Degree Media